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Understanding What Makes a Great Workout for Women

Adapting to individual need

The traditional gym routine has been centered around men for a very long time. It's only surprisingly recently that gyms have really noticed how much interest women have in a good workout. It's easy to see where a lot of that initial confusion came from. Women have been interested in managing the needs of their body for far longer than men. The gym culture really began in earnest for men around the 1970s. But by that time women had been carefully managing their diet and exercise for quite a while. But when gyms finally took notice, they instantly began to realize just what pros the average woman already was. In trying to reach the market many gyms even went a bit overboard. They began to offer so many options in an attempt to reach this market that it quickly became a bit overwhelming. There's so many options that many women began reconsidering the basics. In particular, the question of what does post workout mean will often come up. Thee's quite a few answers available.

Examining pre and post workouts

The biggest post workout solution offered to women is a smoothie. But this tends to backfire by offering things up a bit too late. In reality the best post workout is actually stated as a pre-workout routine. A smoothie, for example, offers up protein to help heal the body. But it's best to take that before the workout so that the protein is already in circulation when the muscle begins to need it. Taking that afterward increases the chance of the body having essentially already given up on it. There's similar effects with BCAA and other useful substances. The work they do will often occur after the workout. But the pre-workout routine is what ensures that they're available to the body the second they're needed.